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Skill #11: Big Picture Thinking

Understands one’s role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace and considers the social, economic, and environmental impacts of one’s actions
  • defining big-picture thinking as an understanding of one’s role in fulfilling the mission of the workplace and a consideration of the social, economic, and environmental effects of one’s actions
  • identifying the organization’s structure, culture, policies, and procedures, as well as its role and position within the community, industry, and economy


Featured Resource

The Big Picture Activity  |  CTE Resource Center Module  | 


Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center

An Organization’s Values Students examine the influence that personal and professional values have on  performance, productivity, and relationships. There is a worksheet  attached. | Corporate Sight Students learn the importance of corporate vision in the business world. | Culture Fit in the Workplace: What It Is and Why It’s Important This is an insightful article on company culture, an elusive but important aspect of many professional lives. | Entrepreneurship: Lesson on Goals and Mission Statements> In this activity, students create goals and mission statements for their businesses and define the services they will provide. |  P21’s Civic Literacy List Links to citizenship and community skills resources and activities are gathered here by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning. | Researching Companies This lesson plan walks students through the basics of company research procedures. | Systems Thinking This site describes systems theory and provides examples of systems tools. | Telecommuting, Good or Bad? This in-class activity can be used to discuss the pros/cons of telecommuting, from the perspective of the employer and the employee. | The Power of Vision and Mission Students follow this worksheet to create vision and mission statements. | Work Etiquette Basics This site includes a variety of articles on office soft-skill fundamentals.






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