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Skill #19: Mathematics

Applies mathematical skills to complete tasks as necessary

  • performing basic calculations (e.g., percentages, fractions, addition, subtraction, averages, measurement, conversions, monetary transactions)
  • applying mathematical processes to accomplish job-specific tasks (e.g., estimating required supplies, completing expense reports)
  • managing personal finance (e.g., understanding wage rates, paycheck deductions, taxes, sales receipts)



Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center


Break-Even Formula: Determine Profitability of Your Business This resource provides formulas for determining break-even points and profits. | Calculating Payroll Deductions Students demonstrate use of payroll forms, deductions, and the method for calculating gross and net pay. Multiple resources are attached. | Construction Math Toolbox This site features lesson plans from the Construction Center of Excellence. | Invest in Yourself This lesson provides students the opportunity to learn about budgeting and personal financial management. | Math to Build On This resource operates under the assumption that the amount of mathematics required in construction and many other jobs should not be intimidating. | Statistics: Determining Mean, Range, Median, Mode, and Probability In this activity, students work as a team to design and execute appropriate illustrations to show the mean, range, median, and mode of the data they collect. | Unplug Your Curriculum This curriculum for teachers helps students learn mathematical fundamentals of computer science, from algorithms to binary systems and logic. | Using Mathematics to Solve Problems and Communicate Lessons at this site are focused on connecting mathematics to communication skills.


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