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Skill #5: Work Ethic

Consistently works to the best of one’s ability and is diligent, dependable, and accountable for one’s actions
  • defining work ethic
  • recognizing the importance of having a strong work ethic
  • demonstrating diligence (e.g., working with persistence to accomplish a task)
  • maintaining dependability (e.g., being reliable)
  • accounting for one’s decisions and actions
  • accepting the consequences of decisions and actions.

Resources from our Partners

CTE Resource Center

Brochure for Parents: Students design a brochure for parents that addresses how they can help their children develop good work ethic. Two handouts are attached. | Class Discussion on Work Ethic: Students participate in a class discussion about work ethic and keep an observation journal. | Compare and Contrast–Students and Employees: Students participate in a class discussion about how good work ethic at school can lead to good work ethic as an employee. A handout is attached. | Go to the Source: Students use a handout and interview two local business people and two students about work ethic, either by phone, e-mail, or in person.  | Observation Journal on Work Ethic: Students keep a journal of their impressions and thoughts on any aspect of  employee or student work ethic as they visit a variety of local businesses.  | Poster for Younger Students: Students design a poster for either elementary or middle school students that will help them define good schoolwork ethic. | Want Ad for a Student with a Good Schoolwork Ethic: Students follow a handout to write a help-wanted ad for a student with a good schoolwork ethic. | Want Ads: Students read the want ads in print and online and list the employee traits desired by the employers who advertise. | What’s the Word on Work Ethic?: Students review a handout featuring quotes from Virginia business leaders and engage in a discussion. | Work Ethic at Work: In this activity, students write a skit that features an employer and employee(s) exemplifying good work ethic. | Your Own Company: Students use this resource to develop an idea for their own company.



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