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Level One: Student Enrolled Version

Level 1: Career Interest Development (student-enrolled version) – Individual Teacher License


This is the student-enrolled version.

$400.00 for 1 year

License Description

This individual classroom/teacher subscription is for the student-enrolled version. This means that you will enroll up to 25 students in up to six periods. Students may log in and work through assignments somewhat on their own and some processes such as submitting completed work are automated, with less direction required than the teacher-only version we offer in which processes are completely guided manually by the teacher. The student-enrolled version a great option for remote students, but if you have students in person, we strongly recommend the standard version. Content is the same for each offering.

In this curriculum, seven skill areas are addressed with multiple activities under each skill area. Each activity can be delivered in 1-2 class periods, so it works perfectly to complement your existing curriculum, or you may use it as a stand-alone, where appropriate and approved. Proceed through the curriculum at your own pace and cover only the activities that are most important to you and your students. The curriculum focuses on social and emotional learning within a career exploration context, often thought of as the two missing pieces that are needed the most in middle school education to help successful transition into high school with a career focus. The design reflects the belief that foundational career skills can be developed in the individual to teach good habits that will lead to lifelong success, including building the crucial bridge between aptitude and goals and long-term career suitability and satisfaction. These essential skills include Self-Awareness, Creativity, Problem Solving, Ethics and Honesty, Motivation, and Communication. For more background information and support, go to our Level 1 webpage.

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