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Persuasion is a Soft Skill that is Not Often Taught

Persuasion can seem so seedy, right? You convince consumers to purchase or do things that they do not really need. Yet, the same skill, used ethically, is in low supply but high demand by many employers today. It is these skills and techniques that aid us in debate, proposals, and winning customers and colleagues over to our way of seeing things. Persuasion skills would fit under speaking, critical thinking, and customer service on our primary list of skills. And here is a stunning quote from the article about the bigger picture of soft skills demand:

“According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report, 92% of recruiters surveyed worldwide said a candidate’s soft skills were equally or more important than their hard skills when deciding whether to hire them.” Click here to read the whole article by Isabelle Roughol, Senior editor-at-large, LinkedIn.


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