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Rob Thakur

White Collar Job Training is Shifting Toward Workplace Readiness Skills

Seeing a shift toward professional skills learning, education expert says

Banks were once among the most inaccessible of employers, limited to a restricted cross-section of college degree, social-economic status, and technical skills. Over the years, the impact of a diverse financial services expansion and high-end technological tools have leveled the playing field and widened their lens in their hunt for qualified workers. Technology job opportunities at banks have only increased of late, but now we are seeing a shift toward the compliment of workplace readiness skills: behavioral, communication, team management, people and professional skills that round out tech proficiency and make their workers invaluable. According to this video, Rob Thakur, managing director for Europe at Fitch Learning, says people working in the banking sector now need more than a technical education and the financial sector is often willing to support professional development in soft skills areas in order to retain and enhance productivity, effectiveness, and job satisfaction.

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